Building your home recording studio by Dale G Davidson

You may probably be thinking that in order to produce
professional quality recordings from home,you are going to need a small fortune or that an affordable studio will only produce a pleasing but not premier quality sound.
Your home recording studio can be built for a lot less than you imagine.

The budget starter
This can be done entirely with software.: Mixers, sysnthesisers,effects processing and MIDI instruments can be realized by special software:
This is probably the most economical and simplest approach.
It can also serve as the foundation on which to build a more traditional studio.
The added benefits are that it takes up less space,is simple to use and it will be easier to upgrade or enhance.

    To get started
  • A room
  • Monitoring speakers plus amplifier
  • Sequencer software, with virtual instruments and
    plug-in effects.
  • An optional music controller
The Computer
Although being the central unit of your
studio at this point,it is not necessary to spend a great deal of resources on your computer.
The computer is quickly becoming if not already a commodity,and should is not where you should be focusing your resources.
Macs are usually the preferred choice, since they then to be to more adaptable to music applications.

Areas of
You should strive to obtain the best audio quality, which means focusing on monitors and room acoustics.
The best audio quality can truly be judged by listening.
As a musician, your ear should be trained to detect sound quality, and you should be able to tell what you like by listening.
You can also tell technical quality by specifications, if your are so inclined, but judge the way your audience would, and that is by

Software is a great place to save by starting modestly. Inexpensive or even free software is capable of producing amazing results when used properly.
A complete studio in a box, that includes sequencer,virtual instruments and plug-in effects may also be recommended as they are powerful, fun and easy to use.
Some type of music controller may be helpful for keyboard work. They can be used for transferring music to the controller, regardless of your keyboard skills level.

The upgrade from your starter studio to a more professional home recording studio will now be only a few components away as your needs and skills develop.
When handled by a skillful operator, your home recording studio can produce some extraordinary results.

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Creating, recording and publishing music in your home recording studio is possible and available to everyone. Learn how you can create professional quality recording from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Visit

Building an affordable Home Recording studio on a limited budget by Dale

With the recent advances and innovations in electronics technology, building a home recording studio is a fully easily achieved objective.

To most, this would have been impossible up to a decade.
Today, the unthinkable has become affordable and is no longer impossible.

Technological advances mean productivity is increasing exponentially as costs are being dramatically reduced.

Custom made mixing boards and related equipment are now available at costs that are now affordable to just about anyone.
One of the most important components in building your home recording studio, should be the room.
The equipment is only part of the equation, but the size and shape of the room governs the sound that is produced.

Use and function of the room for your home recording studio.

The function of the room is important as function drives form. A control room should be perfectly symmetrical,whereas a dedicated tracking room should ideally be asymmetrical.
There are several considerations that should go into the room used for you home recording studio.

Soundproof rooms are a myth. Any assembly will let some sound through, depending on the volume and frequency of the sound.
Sound, however should be isolated, because sound transmissions travel very well through the building's structure.

Floor Wall and Ceiling construction:
Concrete floors may have the best sound dampening effects. The construction of the wall, should also be determined by the level of isolation expected.

Window and door construction are important,because the placement of windows and doors can affect room acoustics as well as electrical considerations that can be affected by RFI or Radio Frequency Interfernce.

The use of fluorescent lighting should be avoided, as they tend to induce noise.

Important consideration should also be given to the design of the Heat,Ventilation,Air Conditioning systems as working electrical equipment and people produce heat that must be properly dissipated.

Room treatment

If you are not able to to any construction, there are room treatments that will improve the sound quality and acoustics of your room.

To make a room sound the best it possibly can for the purposes of recording, mixing and listening, acoustical treatments are a necessity.

Fabrics used for floor coverage or curtains have different sound absorption characteristics, and thicker heavier drapes may be more desirable.
Sound Traps and acoustic panels can also be used effectively to enhance sound quality.

Room size
The available size of your space should help determine its function with options.

Decide on a combo room or a multi-room studio as there are advantages and disadvantages to each option.

eg. It can be difficult to set up and monitor levels in a multi room environment when you are self-recording and a larger room allows more usable space and less doors and windows.

After designing and assembling your home recording studio, it is important to do some testing before you begin recording.

There is software and tools available for monitoring and setting optimal sound quality for your room.

EQ or equalization is the term used for adjusting the frequency of audio signals.This can be accomplished by a series of measurements and tweaking and adjusting the components of your assembly until your home recording studio is producing the ultimate in sound quality.

You can build an affordable home recording studio, that is capable of producing professional quality recordings.
Prices for electronic equipment are no longer prohibitive for the amateur musician.
To Find out what you need to have your own Home recording studio visit

About the Author

You can build an affordable home recording studio, that is capable of producing professional quality recordings.
Prices for electronic equipment are no longer prohibitive for the amateur musician.
To Find out what you need to have your own Home recording studio visit

Following The Best - Get A Mastering Guide

By John Cooper

This article is intended to inform you of your potential need for an informative audio mastering guide. This will not only assist you to become better at the craft, but it will keep you from making common mistakes as well.

If you are new to the industry of making music, than you might not be aware that there is much more to making a successful album than just recording all of the tracks onto your computer. In fact, there is a whole lot more than this.

One of the most unrealized and unappreciated aspects of the industry is the person who has to master the music after it is recorded. This process often takes longer than the recording process itself, because it is so detailed and precise. That is why it is important that you learn how to do it right if you choose to attempt it for yourself.

You see, mastering consists of taking the recorded music and, moment by moment, making it ideal for the listener's ears. That means a slow process for even the most experienced of engineers. But what do you do if you don't know what you're doing? Well, as much as you can aid music by mastering, you can damage its quality as well. You have to do some research to learn technique and "secrets" to the trade.

This might come through the purchase of a mastering guide. You see, with a guide from someone that knows what they are doing, you can step by step learn the trade. This is something that is often overlooked and for no good reason. You can feel your way around and learn for yourself, but it will be a long road littered with mistakes. Why not save yourself the trouble and take a look at specific material created to show you the ropes?

So how does a bit of insight for as low as $5 sound? Considering that you might not have a very good idea what you are doing, you might not be able to afford to turn such an offer down. So learn some insight without breaking your bank. Sounds to me to be a win/win. - 32398

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