Building your home recording studio by Dale G Davidson

You may probably be thinking that in order to produce
professional quality recordings from home,you are going to need a small fortune or that an affordable studio will only produce a pleasing but not premier quality sound.
Your home recording studio can be built for a lot less than you imagine.

The budget starter
This can be done entirely with software.: Mixers, sysnthesisers,effects processing and MIDI instruments can be realized by special software:
This is probably the most economical and simplest approach.
It can also serve as the foundation on which to build a more traditional studio.
The added benefits are that it takes up less space,is simple to use and it will be easier to upgrade or enhance.

    To get started
  • A room
  • Monitoring speakers plus amplifier
  • Sequencer software, with virtual instruments and
    plug-in effects.
  • An optional music controller
The Computer
Although being the central unit of your
studio at this point,it is not necessary to spend a great deal of resources on your computer.
The computer is quickly becoming if not already a commodity,and should is not where you should be focusing your resources.
Macs are usually the preferred choice, since they then to be to more adaptable to music applications.

Areas of
You should strive to obtain the best audio quality, which means focusing on monitors and room acoustics.
The best audio quality can truly be judged by listening.
As a musician, your ear should be trained to detect sound quality, and you should be able to tell what you like by listening.
You can also tell technical quality by specifications, if your are so inclined, but judge the way your audience would, and that is by

Software is a great place to save by starting modestly. Inexpensive or even free software is capable of producing amazing results when used properly.
A complete studio in a box, that includes sequencer,virtual instruments and plug-in effects may also be recommended as they are powerful, fun and easy to use.
Some type of music controller may be helpful for keyboard work. They can be used for transferring music to the controller, regardless of your keyboard skills level.

The upgrade from your starter studio to a more professional home recording studio will now be only a few components away as your needs and skills develop.
When handled by a skillful operator, your home recording studio can produce some extraordinary results.

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